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Posted by Tim Thu, 01 Sep 2005 07:45:00 GMT

We’ve been doing cool stuff on the web for years with no where to post about it, but now welcome to our blog. After watching all the cool developments of the last year or two and discussing them on other people’s blogs I thought “why not have a blog of our own?”

This is on our our .org domain because it’s not strictly limited to our commercial business. We’ll be putting up pages soon for scripts/code/techniques we consider worth sharing, as well as posting our thoughts on happenings in the standards and web development worlds.

We won’t neccessarily open up all our code, because we have some incredibly awesome subscription-based services, ala Basecamp, coming up (I’m just bursting to tell everyone about them, if you couldn’t tell, but soon… soon….) but we’ll have cool stuff like the unobtrusive DOM-scripted image scroller, the graphical header generator, and other general-use libraries/utilities we’ve been working on.

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