Difficulties updating Typo - migration 21

Posted by Tim Wed, 08 Feb 2006 15:51:00 GMT

First off, a quick reminder kids, always back-up your DB before updating.

I somehow seemed to run amuck of “this bug”http://www.typosphere.org/trac/ticket/454, when updating typo, to see if I could get Movable Type API working again, to use w.bloggar to make my next post, to have some control over the trackback ping to the article, since I don’t know the current status of trackbacks in Typo. Well maybe it would have been quicker to check on that…. Of course, then I’d still be stuck updating.

Anyways, somehow I got a wedged update, and for a while it looked like all comments were going to be down the drain. As I’m busy working on actual paying projects, I had to leave our blog in limbo for a bit. Thankfully, a post to the existing ticket got a reply that made it quick in easy to fix. The answer was obvious – go comment out the parts of the migration that are failing (the problem was trying to re-add a column that already had been).

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