Sketchy Design Choices: A+ Moments

Posted by Erin Moore Tue, 27 Sep 2005 23:53:00 GMT

Have you ever visited A+ Moments? It’s a blog devoted to web development and life in Serbia. We link to it in our sidebar. Take a look

The guy who writes this blog seems to be a very nice and very smart young man.

But really, does he need to have a supine woman plastered all over the site? Every time I visit, I feel like I’m visiting a cheap phone dating service.

It bugs me that we link to this; if it makes me uncomfortable, then I’m sure it makes other people feel the same way. But the guy has a lot of great things to say, so the link stands.

What do you think?

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  1. Tim Connor said about 24 hours later:

    While I still think “plastered” is a connotatively loaded word (“abundantly but imprecisely used” or “multiple copies all over the place” being the least of the negative connotations), I don’t have a better choice that still gets across “prominently featured” in quite the way you want, Erin. ;)

    This post brings up interesting points for me, as one of our two managers. As Erin knows, originally we all ended up discussing this in the office and my thoughts were that A+ is a personal blog so I didn’t even quite see the pertinence (don’t worry readers, this was a debated point), but our linking to it does cast this as a work-place/professionalism issue, as well.

    I initially linked to it to help clear out, but not completely depopulate, the default side-bar links. A+ moments is a useful reference for various scripting utilities and techniques we’ve used, yet is probably less well-known than the some of the other client-side scripting blogs. (e.g. PPK’s). That and I’ve been in limited correspondence with Aleksandar (the author) about his various scripts and things I’ve stumbled across that could improve them (this was prior to us having our own blog ;) ). It hadn’t even occurred to me to think twice about his header image, but then we put up our blog and what for him is his personal blog became for us a work-place resource that we are promoting (via our link).

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